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  • All adult races are 12 laps long

  • All Jr races are 12 laps long (Except Fairfield, Races are 8 Minutes long) 

  • Absolutely No bumping is allowed 

  • No guests should be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating vehicles

  • No sandals or slides are permitted on the track

  • All guests must obey the rules and flags given by the track master

  • Nitro City Racing receives the right to regulate speed on any and all karts for safety 

  • No Cameras, go-pros will be allowed on the track, only Nitro City approved vendors will be allowed to record the race.


  • Adults kart drivers must be a minimum of 58" (4'10") to drive adult karts 

  • JR kart drivers must be a minimum of 48" (4') to drive JR karts, anyone below 4' will not be permitted on the track at this time 

  • Closed toed shoes required to drive

  • Helmets and head socks required, You may bring your own helmet as long as its DOT approved and has a Face shield/Goggles.

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