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Indoor Karting In Northern California is Getting an Upgrade!

The new Sodi RSX2 is coming soon to Nitro City Racing! As the premier location for indoor karting in Northern California, CA, Nitro City Racing offers the latest and greatest technology.

The Sodi RSX2 is the new benchmark for electric karts on the market, featuring the latest technological and electronic advances from Sodikart.

Benefiting from the new patented EASY DRIVE ® technology, the RSX2 offers an unequalled driving comfort.

Equipped with a new engine that is noiseless than its predecessor and the latest generation of lithium batteries, the Sodi RSX2 has increased power and has an autonomy of one hour at standard speed. The new synchronous motor, which comes from the automotive world, has an integrated power control.

The RSX2's ergonomics include a seat and steering column adjustment system that makes it easy to adjust (in addition to the adjustable pedals) the riding position to suit the individual.

Its new and modern design, combined with the F1 steering wheel, will satisfy all drivers.  

The Sodi RSX2 is the most efficient, reliable and successful new generation electric kart on the market.

An unequalled 100% electric driving experience.


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